Systemic Therapy
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There are many types of therapy and even more different therapists to choose from.  Finding the right therapy which fits you and your situation can therefore be a challenge, especially when living in a foreign country.  Rather than a specific type of therapy, it is more important, however, is to find a therapist with whom you feel at ease and can trust.

Seeing an individual as a part of a whole, acknowledging the importance ofunderstanding the context of situation is why systemic therapy is used by International Couples Therapy. Systemic therapy (couples and family therapy) is the search for and identifying the interactional patterns which are destructive in a relationship and exploring the possibilities to change these patterns. Given a person’s social system often times has a large impact in one’s life, I strive to engage the other members of the family (partner, children, parents) when possible.

My approach to therapy encompasses a number of things:

  • Providing a safe space in which to explore and share difficult feelings with each other.
  • Facilitating better communication by enhancing listening and expressive skills.
  • Exploring individual and family histories to beter understand the nature of the couple’s dynamic.
  • Identifying current stressors and triggers and working to resolve impasses.
  • Sessions are in English or Dutch

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