Intake Session ( 60 mins/90 mins)       €100,-/€130,-

Individual Session (50 mins):                 €85,-

Couples Session (60 mins):                     €115,-

Home visit extra charges:                       €30,-

Skype sessions                                         €85,- (individual) / €115,- (couples)

Prices include 21% VAT

Coverage of the sessions will depend on your insurance policy. Please consult the conditions of your medical plan or contact your insurance provider to see if systemic therapy will be covered by your insurance, as well as the number of covered sessions.

I am a member of NVPA and therapy given by International Couples Therapy falls under paramedical services (alternative healers).

AGB code practice: 94.061191

AGB code personal: 94.061189

NVPA: 103255

KvK: 60486279